ITC Membership

A significant benefit of being a member of Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc. is that, as a member, you have a voice. You are represented by your district’s elected Board Members. Another advantage is that you earn capital credits on the services you subscribe to. The more ITC services you subscribe to the more capital credits you accrue. Investing in ITC is investing in yourself. The Board of Directors, Management, and Employees work daily to bring you the most reliable and up-to-date services. Your investment in your Coop makes all of that possible.

Your Cooperative and its members have weathered many changes in over 65 years of business. There are many things that remain constant during any change:

  • The dedication of your Board of Directors, Managers, and Employees.
  • Continuing to look to the future to provide you, the members, with the latest and greatest technologies.
  • Maintaining five area offices to make doing business with ITC easy.
  • A strong commitment to the communities we serve.