We've got all the bandwidth you need!

The Internet has changed our way of life and with all the new technologies; it continues to change every day. ITC works hard to provide our members with the high-speed Internet they need to run their computers, tablets, game consoles, etc. Vroom High-Speed Internet from ITC can provide the capability for you to work from home.

Vroom High-Speed Internet offers speeds up to 500 Mbps for your home or office.

ITC also offers 24/7 Internet Help Desk (1-888-217-5718).

ITC provides access to advanced broadband services (Internet and Television) based on the purchase of telephone services. Customers who do not want to subscribe to telephone service can check out our broadband only Internet packages. 

DSL Service Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy



Telephone/Broadband Assistance Programs:

Get government assistance on your ITC bill. 


If you're a qualified consumer, there are government assistance programs in place that will give you a discount on activation fees, installation, and monthly telephone/broadband billing.

For South Dakota: Click Here

For Minnesota: Click Here

Print Application or Worksheet:

Lifeline Application

Household Worksheet

Eligibility approval and requests for documentation will come via email or mail from Universal Service Administration Company (USAC), Lifeline Support, or National Verifier. Once qualified you will need to contact us with approval information for the discount to be added to your bill.

The Emergency Broadband Benefit:

The Emergency Broadband Benefit program (EBB) is an FCC program to help households struggling to pay for Internet service during the pandemic. This new benefit provides a temporty discount on monthly Internet bills for qualifying low-income households. I will help families with challenges suck as working from home, distance learning, telehealth services, or simply connecting digitally with loved ones.

ITC has been approved by the FCC as a provider for this EBB program to help lower the cost of high-speed Internet.

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