January 31, 2024

Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection


Whether you’re working from home, trying to stream a movie, or just connecting with friends, a reliable Internet connection is essential in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes, though, it might seem like the connection isn’t quite right. If you’re having trouble using your connection, there are a few simple steps to troubleshoot and get back up and running quickly.

Why can’t I reach my favorite website?

If you’re having difficulty reaching a particular website, but other websites are working fine, the problem is likely with the website instead of your connection. Try accessing the website on a different device or a different browser. If other devices or browsers can’t access the website, then it’s a problem with the website itself, and you’ll need to wait for the website owner to fix it.

Why does the Internet seem to buffer sometimes?

If you’re having intermittent connection issues, you can try a few things. First, ensure your cables are firmly connected to the router. If you don’t have an ITC router, you may also want to reposition or replace your router. Poor router placement or an outdated router can cause a slow or spotty connection. If this doesn’t help, try rebooting your router. It could also be that the device you are trying to use is too far from the router. In this case, you might consider adding an ITC mesh unit, which acts like an extra antenna that can be placed near the area that is having an issue.

How can I tell if my connection is working?

The first step in troubleshooting your connection is to diagnose the issue. First, you should make sure your connection is active. If you have a laptop computer or can easily plug an ethernet cable into a computer, check the connection directly. You will need to unplug the WAN cable from the router and plug it directly into your computer. If the Internet works after that, then the issue is likely with the router. ITC does not advise you to leave your connection like this, as a router will help protect your computer. If you have an ITC leased router, call us, and we can check it out for you.

What should I do if I can’t get it to work?

Reach out to ITC and explain your problem. You can call the office at 1.800.417.8667 during business hours or the 24-hour help desk at 1.888.217.5718 anytime. We can help you out by diagnosing the source of the problem. If you lease a router from ITC, we have several tools available to help determine what might be going on. Once you’ve identified and resolved the issue, take a few minutes to investigate what caused the problem. This can help you prevent similar issues in the future.

Remember that tech issues can be frustrating, but with a bit of patience and troubleshooting, you can find the root of the problem and get back up and running in no time. Good luck!