June 25, 2024

Take Your Connected Life Outdoors


ITC has everything you need to upgrade your entire property with seamless connectivity. Imagine relaxing on your patio, enjoying the sunny afternoon breeze while streaming your favorite movie without interruption. Picture yourself tending to your garden, listening to your favorite music playlist, and easily pulling up a video tutorial if you have a question. You could even livestream a video of your prize-winning pumpkins to YouTube! Now, extend this vision to your entire backyard or even your whole farmyard—seamless Internet coverage in every corner. You can even monitor your livestock cameras in the barn remotely, ensuring their well-being from anywhere on your property.

This dream is now a reality with our cutting-edge GigaSpire BLAST outdoor system. Utilizing the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, it delivers blazing speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second, providing fast and reliable Internet wherever you need it. Whether you’re setting up smart irrigation systems in your garden, working on DIY projects in your garage, or ensuring the safety of your animals with barn cameras, ITC has you covered.

Installation is simple. Connect it to your existing ITC provided router for a seamless, whole-home Wi-Fi experience that extends to all your outdoor spaces. Enjoy the ultimate Internet connectivity, no matter where you are on your property.

For more information or to get your outdoor life connected, CLICK HERE.