December 29, 2023

Protect Your Wi-Fi


As new smart technologies enable data to move more freely across networks and devices, users must be equally smart about defending their data against hackers. Blast Wi-Fi Powered by ITC gives you superior Wi-Fi strength with device connection support. It offers apps to manage and control your Wi-Fi, including ProtectIQ®, which helps to protect your devices against malicious websites and other intrusions. 

With ProtectIQ®, you will receive the Internet security you need. It leverages a large cloud database of known virus and ransomware threats. By looking for the specific signatures of these threats in real time, ProtectIQ® can terminate the transfer of data before a malicious payload is delivered to any vulnerable devices in the network. As new threats are emerging daily, the threat database is continuously updated to offer protection against the latest threats. ProtectIQ® is a network-level security application that works quietly in the background and proactively keeps malicious websites, viruses, and intrusions away from your home 24/7.

If you are interested in home network protection that includes a self-managed app, call ITC at 1.800.417.8667 to sign up for Blast Wi-Fi and the ProtectIQ® app. For more info, CLICK HERE.