August 4, 2022

The New Spam Filter


Since the conversion to the new spam filter is complete, now is an excellent time to look at the new Spam Quarantine Report (pictured in the lower right.) This report is very similar to the old Daily Digest; however, there are a few interesting additions. Like the previous format, the new report contains a listing of emails marked as suspicious and held for your review. It also gives you the option to deliver the email to yourself.

In addition to the ability to deliver an email, you can also choose to delete it from the spam filter. In this case, the message will be recognized as spam if you receive a similar message again. When you decide to deliver a message, it is sent to your inbox. If you allow the message instead, you will help train the spam filter not to quarantine similar messages in the filter. When you delete a message from your spam report, it helps to train the spam filter to recognize future spam messages like those you deleted.

If you receive a spam email in your mailbox that the filter missed, you can forward it to to report it. The best way to do this is to forward it as an attachment, so the envelope is sent along with the message. In a program like Outlook, start a new email and then drag and drop the bad message into it. If you are using, click the Mark button, and then click Add Email(s) to Blacklist.

The spam score is a new bit of information on the spam message list. This score may help you determine if a message is spam or if the system wasn’t sure and is being cautious. The best and most trusted email score will be close to, or even less than, zero. The higher the number, the more suspicious the message is.

Another useful feature is the commands built into the bottom of this report. You can change this report’s delivery frequency if you want, but many customers find that once a day is about right.

You can also change what is contained in your report and get either a list of all spam messages or just the new ones. If you want to get a new report after receiving your daily report, you can select the option to send an immediate report with either all emails or just the new ones since the last report was sent.

Note that if you do turn your report off and decide you want to receive it again, log into the webmail at and click on the Email Filter link in the black bar. You can change your report settings by clicking the Settings tab and then the Quarantine Report Settings tab. While in the filter, you can look at your emails from the past several days under the Report tab. To ensure you are seeing everything, click the Display Settings tab and turn off (uncheck) the “Only show messages for local cluster node” check box.

With your spam report and logging into the email filter, you can manage your email and train it to do what you want.

Here is an example of the new Spam Quarantine Report.   Spam report - Aug 22.JPG