April 1, 2024

ITC Stream Is Here


ITC is excited to introduce an optional TV choice for our members. ITC Stream is a new streaming TV platform available throughout the ITC service area. As of January 1st, this is the only TV option available to new members. ITC Stream is a cutting-edge service that delivers high-quality content, such as TV shows and movies, over your ITC Fiber-Fast Internet connection to your home device.

ITC Stream offers various channel options, including live sports and local networks. Watch captivating entertainment easily with your smart TV, tablet, or even on your phone while connected to ITC Fiber-Fast Internet.

To stream, you can download the ITC Stream app on an approved streaming device, such as a Roku, FireStick, Apple TV, or Android TV. Visit our website at www.itc-web.com/itcstream to learn if your device will work or how to get started.

Are you someone who loves streaming and wants access to local channels? If so, ITC Stream might be the perfect solution for you! Do you currently have satellite TV and want to simplify by having all your services on one bill? ITC Stream is an excellent option for consolidating your TV services onto a single bill. Are you located in one of our expansion areas and haven’t had access to ITC TV options before?  If that’s the case, ITC Stream is now available in your area, providing you with a new and convenient TV option.

There are two packages to choose from (see below.) Each package offers two streams to watch simultaneously on two separate devices. Up to five streams are available for $5/additional stream/month.

     ITC Stream Lite: $54.95/mo.
          Available Add Ons:
               Cloud DVR - $10/mo.

     ITC Stream Ultra: $124.95/mo.
          Included: Cloud DVR
          Available Add Ons:
               Sports & Info - $5/mo.
               Kids & Family - $5/mo.
               Music, Movies, & More - $5/mo.

To sign up for ITC Stream, CLICK HERE or call ITC at 1.800.417.8667. You must also be signed up for ITC Fiber-Fast Internet to get this streaming service.

Interested in learning about ITC Stream? Take our ITC University class on Streaming this April!  CLICK HERE to sign up for classes.