July 31, 2023

ITC Email Space Increase


Long ago, mailbox sizes were measured in single megabytes, much like old floppy disks, and many people would print out their emails. However, over the years, email inboxes have expanded due to people’s desire to retain more emails to find old messages easily. ITC is thrilled to announce that we have made significant upgrades to your mailbox sizes. Whether you utilize ITC webmail.itctel.com or employ a program on your computer like Outlook or Thunderbird, this enhancement will grant you the freedom to store an even greater number of emails in your mailbox on our server than ever before, all without concerns about running out of space.

Increased Capacity

For most of you, your mailbox has doubled in size from 4 GB to 8 GB. With this increased capacity, you can store thousands of emails, including attachments, photos, and important documents. To give you an idea, 8 GB can hold approximately 10,000 emails with text-only content. And if you frequently receive emails with attachments, you can comfortably store hundreds of attachments, such as photos, PDFs, and presentations, in your expanded mailbox. This means you can keep all those precious memories, work-related files, and school assignments without constantly deleting or worrying about exceeding your storage limit.
Of course, some of you have greater storage needs, so we are also offering 16 GB and 24 GB mailboxes. With these spacious options, you can store even more important messages you are reluctant to delete. You can confidently receive, send, and store many more emails, all without the fear of missing out on important information or constantly deleting old messages.

Security Check-Up

While discussing email, now would be a good time to conduct a security check-up. If you haven’t changed your password recently, it’s advisable to do so. Additionally, you may not be aware that you can enhance the security of your ITC webmail by enabling two-factor authentication. For comprehensive instructions on these email-related tasks and more, please refer to the provided guides available at www.itc-web.com under the support link.