May 30, 2024

ITC Backup


In today’s digital landscape, where every byte of data holds immense value, ensuring its safety is essential for businesses of all sizes. Imagine being a small business owner, and your entire customer database is wiped out instantly due to a hardware failure. Not only are you facing financial losses, but your reputation also takes a hit.  That is why we’re excited to introduce you to ITC Backup, powered by Veeam.

ITC Backup helps ensure that your data is backed up securely, so even if something goes wrong, you can quickly recover without losing valuable information. To decrease risks, adopting a robust backup strategy is important. Among the many backup methods out there, the 3-2-1 backup strategy stands out as a tried-and-tested approach for safeguarding critical data.

The Strategy

This 3-2-1 backup strategy involves creating three copies of your data, storing them in two different locations on-site, and keeping one copy off-site. This redundancy ensures that even if one backup fails or becomes inaccessible, you still have multiple layers of protection in place.

The first copy of your data is the original data stored on your company’s servers or computers. This copy is the primary source of information that your business relies on for day-to-day operations.

The second copy is stored on an on-site storage device, such as a USB hard drive or a dedicated backup server within your premises. This provides an additional layer of protection in case the original data is compromised due to hardware failure, accidental deletion, or other local issues. Having a backup copy on-site also helps to speed up data restorations.

The third copy is stored off-site, such as in the cloud infrastructure provided by ITC. This off-site location safeguards against disasters like fire, flood, or theft that could potentially destroy both the original data and the on-site backup. Keeping a copy of your data in the cloud ensures that even if your physical premises are affected, your business-critical information remains safe and accessible.

As you can see, the ITC Backup service offers a comprehensive solution to safeguard your business data using the proven 3-2-1 backup strategy. With multiple copies of your data stored securely on-site and off-site, you can mitigate the risks of data loss and ensure business continuity, no matter the circumstances. If you want to learn more about how our backup service can protect your valuable information and provide peace of mind for your business, please call ITC at 1.800.417.8667.