February 27, 2023

How did we get extra speed


As you enjoy your new Internet speed, you might wonder how ITC can suddenly provide you with a faster speed, in many cases double what you had before. It definitely wasn’t a short process.


As many of you know, ITC has worked since 2006 to connect fiber everywhere within the network, including directly to your house and business. Fiber can carry more information simultaneously than the old copper lines. This translates into a faster speed being available.

More recently, we just finished installing and configuring new networking equipment designed to make high-speed Internet connections even better. This equipment connects your router to the Internet using next-generation technologies that work to optimize online experiences.

The benefits of our upgrades go beyond faster speeds too. We have positioned ourselves to be ready for future technologies, such as greater network redundancy, and will be able to fully support the IPv6 addressing protocols. The ITC network will continue to be efficient and secure into the future.

On the new ITC network, the increased speed will enable you to stream more video, play more multiplayer online games, and even get more work done than ever before. You will also be able to have superior conversations over a video conference, and Internet calls will work better.

Blast Wi-Fi

Another exciting thing ITC did a few years ago was move to our current Blast Wi-Fi routers and Internet packages. These routers support the latest wireless standards, which, when paired with one of your new devices that has Wi-Fi 6, can support wireless speeds up to 400 Mbps and wired speeds up to 1 Gig. This was discussed in further detail in last month’s article, but in summary, if your device supports Wi-Fi 6, it is capable of the fastest wireless speed available today.

If you lease a Blast Wi-Fi router, ITC ensures it is kept up-to-date and as secure as possible. ITC even provides tools that help you manage your network. With various options, you can set up parental controls to shut off equipment at certain times. You can also control your security, view alerts, and even set up a guest network, all from the Blast Wi-Fi app.  

We also have Managed Wi-Fi options for our business customers with available add-ons for deep packet inspection through our Secure Gateway Basic and advanced firewall policies to protect your network and data through the Security Gateway Advanced option. With these products, we can even help you set up virtual network segments to help increase your security network traffic management.

Alright, maybe you hadn’t wondered where the speed came from, but we hope you are enjoying the upgrade!