June 27, 2023

Embrace The Wired Future


From streaming your favorite shows to remote work and connecting with people worldwide, having a reliable Internet connection has become almost as necessary as water and electricity. When constructing a new home or building, crucial wiring is often overlooked. While wireless technology is important, it’s still essential to wire your home for the Internet. (See graphic above.)

It’s important to have ethernet cables wired into your home to future-proof it. In the past, it was common practice to install various cables, but wireless technology has led to the misconception that wired connections are no longer necessary. In reality, the Wi-Fi signal we rely on is a product of a robust wired network.

Wired Connections

These wired connections are important because they offer the fastest and most reliable connection. Wireless connections may suffer from interference caused by various sources. While wired connections can also experience interference, it’s much less likely to occur in a home environment. Gaming computers, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and other connected devices greatly benefit from a wired connection, as it provides the lowest latency, which any gamer knows is crucial for online gaming.

Wired connections offer unparalleled stability and security. Wi-Fi signals can be influenced by distance, interference from neighbors, and physical obstacles within the home. By strategically incorporating wired connections throughout your home or business, you can enjoy a reliable and consistent Internet experience free from buffering or dropped connections.

Wired Infrastructure

Speaking of wireless connections, a well-designed wired infrastructure in your home or business can better support your Wi-Fi connection. It provides flexibility in router placement and allows you to hardwire mesh units back to your router, improving coverage and performance. With an ITC Blast Wi-Fi router, you can upgrade to superior wired and wireless connectivity. ITC can place your router in a convenient central location and connect mesh units in places like your garage or patio area using wired connections. Experience the benefits of ITC Blast Wi-Fi for enhanced Internet speed and seamless connectivity throughout your home.

As technology advances, our reliance on the Internet will only deepen. Imagine the possibilities of augmented reality, virtual reality, and other emerging technologies. These transformative experiences will require even greater bandwidth and low-latency connections, best achieved through wired infrastructure.

Wired Internet

Wired Internet offers other advantages for the future. With a special networking device called a PoE switch, you can power doorbells, cameras, phones, and other devices. Some Internet of Things devices and even special lighting can also be powered this way. Each switch is unique, and its power output determines what it can accommodate. This means that hard-to-reach areas can be connected with an ethernet cable to provide both Internet and electrical power.

While ITC can certainly add cables after the construction is complete, it’s best to install those ethernet cables before the walls go up. It’s the key to staying connected and embracing the possibilities of a truly wired future. For the ultimate wired and wireless connectivity experience, consider upgrading to ITC Blast Wi-Fi. With its superior performance and flexibility, it’s the perfect complement to your wired infrastructure. Stay connected, explore the potential of advanced technologies, and make your home or business a hub of seamless connectivity with ITC Blast Wi-Fi.