March 29, 2024

Artificial Intelligence Update


The more I experiment and read about the artificial intelligence (AI) options available, the more interested I become in its possibilities. Sure, cautionary stories exist, like that of lawyers who entrusted AI to write their legal arguments, only to find themselves in trouble when the judge discovered that the cited court cases were fictional. Yet, amidst such tales, there are exciting examples of AI’s potential to enhance our professional landscapes.

Two Categories of AI

AI applications can be broadly categorized into two distinct approaches. The first, AI-generated content, which includes text, images, or translations conjured by AI tools. The second is AI-assisted content, where AI aids in brainstorming, refining, or doing things like grammar-checking material created by human hands.

At first glance, these two distinctions may seem similar. However, it might be easier to understand the differences if we consider the example of painting a picture or writing a story. If the content is AI-generated, the user gives the computer some ideas, and the computer creates the work. This would be like hiring an artist or author to create a piece.

On the other hand, if the content is AI-assisted, then the artist might use AI to get ideas for composing the painting, or the author might get help brainstorming the plot. Still, ultimately, it is the human, using their own skills and talents, who does the work of painting and writing. This would be like working with a mentor or trusted colleague and asking for feedback.

Greater Impact

Artificial intelligence will likely make a greater impact on all our lives, whether or not we fully understand its implications. According to a recent Forbes article, a staggering 90% of surveyed business owners anticipate a positive impact from AI, foreseeing its use in improving customer service and generating content.

Of course, there are still many questions to answer regarding AI. Despite the incredible possibilities, we must consider the ethics involved. Some AI systems might favor certain groups over others, which isn’t fair. There’s also the worry about keeping our personal information safe. These tough questions need careful thinking and teamwork as we continue using AI to change the world.

Several options are available if you are eager to explore AI’s potential. Other than ChatGPT, which has been previously discussed, there are also offerings such as Gemini and Microsoft Copilot, each offering unique functionalities and capabilities.

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