October 3, 2023

2023 Annual Meeting Recap



The ITC Annual Meeting took place on September 30, 2023. Many members were in attendance to learn more about their Coop. President Warren Brandlee of the Clark Exchange led the meeting, talking about “Connecting Communities and Bridging the Digital Divide.”

An Mtg.jpg

Twenty lucky members walked away with a $50 bill. The grand prizes this year were cash. Duane Selchert of Castlewood and Melvin Johnson of Astoria were the winners of our $500 drawings. Congrats to them!

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During this meeting, Attorney Todd Boyd presented a by-law change to incorporate all the Minnesota CLEC areas into our Cooperative. This was brought to a vote which was passed unanimously. On January 1, 2024, ITC will welcome our current customers in the expansions of Lincoln County and the City of Ivanhoe as Cooperative members. Customers from the two areas who receive services and qualify for membership under the By-Laws will automatically become Cooperative members.

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What does it mean to be a Cooperative Member?  

  • We are community-focused and proud to support our local clubs and organizations.
  • We provide local customer service with offices in four of our communities.
  • You have ownership and a say; you have a vote.
  • You receive capital credits based on Coop margins for the ITC services you subscribe to.

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With the top benefit of being a Coop member being capital credits, ITC CEO Tracy Bandemer announced a $5.3 million capital credits payout this December! ITC will be retiring years 2009 and 2010 in full and 20% of 2019. Keep an eye out for more information about this payout. 

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Thank you to everyone who attended the ITC Annual Meeting! We appreciate your patronage and support of the Coop.