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CPNI - Customer Proprietary Network Information

The FCC has rules regarding CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information). These rules are designed to protect you and your personal information. For ITC to be compliant with these rules, we require you to provide a password to obtain any call detail information. Call detail information includes, for example, numbers that have called you, numbers you have called, length of call, etc. Because it is public information, call detail is NOT customer names, addresses, or phone numbers.

When you call us for call detail information, we will require you to provide us with a password. The only other way we can provide this information to you is; 1)We call you back at the number of record; 2) We mail you the requested call detail information to the address of record, or; 3) You, the authorized account customer, come to the office and show a valid photo ID per the Red Flag Rules by the FTC.

Current Authorized Account Contacts

If you wish to add authorized contacts, you need to call or stop by the office nearest you.

Authorized Customer Chosen Password

Between 5-10 characters in length; numbers, letters or both - no spaces or symbols*This password can not be historical information such as social security number or address. The FCC is trying to minimize the possibility of false identification, therefore, do not use anything that someone else would be able to access.

Security Questions and Answers

Choose two security questions and fill in the answer. This will be used to verify you as the authorized customer if you can not remember your password.

From time to time ITC may change its service offerings and make available new features or services that may enhance or improve the services to which you are already subscribed. Allowing us to use the CPNI in your account gives us the ability to give you more personalized service and offer you the products and services that best fit your needs. If you allow us to use your CPNI, it will be used only by ITC. ITC does not share customer information.


Phone Service Option


Would you like internet?

All Basic Packages include: Internet access, email account with up to 5 mailboxes and Web Mail access, and 20 MB Web storage. ITC currently offers a free one-time installation (certain conditions may apply).


Would you like TV?


  1. The undersigned applicant hereby applies for membership for the purpose of receiving telecommunications services from Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc. and agrees to be bound by the by-laws, tariffs, and policies of the Cooperative.
  2. A $20 fee will be charged to establish this account and appropriate fees for changes in services will be charged going forward.
  3. Service may be disconnected in the event the information provided is incorrect, where service requested by someone under the age of 18, or under the name of someone under 18.
  4. A member’s indebtedness to the Cooperative may be promptly satisfied by their capital credits (at a discounted rate) upon no services being purchased by the member.
  5. ITC reserves the right to change rates at any time.

Please note: Prices on all services listed on this application do not include taxes and/or regulatory fees.

Signature and Title must match the member name or company authorized contact

By pressing “submit application” you are not making a purchase. Pressing this button will submit your information to a Customer Service Representative who will contact you within one business day to finalize details of the order. If you would like assistance sooner, please call 1-800-417-8667 between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.