Fiber-Optic Drop Permission

Please complete this fiber-optic drop permission form to allow ITC to plow the fiber-optics to your property for future utilization. Please call 1.888.201.2929 if you have any questions. 

Fiber Drop Permission
The undersigned does hereby grant unto Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc. P.O. Box 920, Clear Lake, South Dakota 57226-0920, and to its assigns or successors, the right to enter upon the lands of the undersigned situated in the County of Yellow Medicine, State of Minnesota, and to construct, maintain, operate, reconstruct and repair in, upon or under the lands of the undersigned a telecommunications line or system, and to cut and trim trees and shrubbery that may interfere with or threaten to endanger the construction, installation, maintenance and operations of said line or system and to license, permit or otherwise agree to the joint use or occupancy of said line or system by any other person, firm or corporation for telecommunications purposes. Furthermore, the undersigned agrees that all pedestals, poles, posts, wires and other facilities, including all telecommunications equipment installed on the lands of the undersigned at ITC'S expense shall remain the property of ITC and removable at the option of ITC. The undersigned also covenants that they are the owners of the above subscribed land. The undersigned further agrees to release and hold harmless ITC, and its agents, directors, and employees, from and against any and all claims, losses, injuries, and other damages resulting from the actions or inactions of ITC, its agents and employees, in the performance of the actions authorized pursuant to this agreement, or resulting from the presence of the communications facilities on the premises as contemplated herein. The foregoing release and agreement to hold harmless shall not apply to acts of gross negligence or intentional actions.