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In the fall of 2012, a new learning opportunity was started as an option for the Middle School and High School students at Deuel School. The opportunity was a unique pilot program that was developed by ITC and Deuel School Administration. A new Media Curriculum class was offered that utilized state-of-the-art TV broadcasting equipment.

The intent of the pilot program was to provide the students with access to some of the latest and greatest technology available. This allowed the students to have a unique hands-on experience of producing “LIVE” TV broadcasts. Each broadcast involved three to four students who operated high-definition cameras. Other students were responsible to coordinate different camera shots. Instructors and students worked together to coordinate the play-by-play and advertising. They worked with high-tech production equipment (similar to what ESPN uses) to produce each event.

Any ITC member that subscribes to ITC’s TV services is able to view these “LIVE” broadcasts. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you are able to receive ITC’s TV service you will be able to watch these broadcasts! These sporting events, as well as band, choir, and various other school events, will be broadcast on ITC’s channels.

Here is a list of schools that now participate in this program:

Deuel School - ITC Channel 151 (Milbank Channel 97)

Hendricks School - ITC Channel 159 (Milbank Channel 98)

Estelline School - ITC Channel 161 (Milbank Channel 99)