Voice Mail

Voice Mail offers reliability. When the power goes out, your Voice Mail still works! No more dealing with broken answering machines. With Voice Mail, incoming calls to your line are forwarded to a "mailbox" in ITC's voice mail system when your line is busy and/or when the call is not answered after a certain number of rings that you choose. You then record a personal greeting, or choose a standard greeting, and callers leave you a message that you can access from any phone.

After your ITC Voice Mail Service has been activated on your telephone line, XXX-MAIL (the first three digits of your phone number + 6245) and follow the voice prompts. Simply:
1.Dial XXX-MAIL (the first three digits of your phone number + 6245)
2.Enter Your Mailbox Number (your 7-digit telephone number) +
3.Enter Your Password (4-digit number) + #

Unchecked messages will be retained indefinitely. Checked messages are only stored for a period of 5 days and then drop off, from the oldest to the newest. Leaving messages in the system will affect your total stored message time and could result in callers getting a "Mailbox is full... please try again later" message.

When you order Voice Mail service, we will provide you with a complete Users Guide for full instructions on how to use your Voice Mail service.

Voice Mail to Email

This service converts your ITC voice mail messages into audio files and then emails it to one or more of your email addresses. You can save the audio message to your computer's hard drive in order to keep messages for future reference. You can also use the save or delete links within the message to remove the message indication from the line without having to call into ITC's Voice Mail system. You must first subscribe to ITC Voice Mail for $3.95/month and then add Voice Mail to E-mail for an additional $2/month.

Optional Voice Mail Services:

Sub-mailbox: $1.00 per mailbox

A "subdirectory" mailbox that can be added to the primary mailbox on your line. This provides secure reception, storage, and retrieval of messages for other people in your household, with the use of password protection.

Teen/Easy Line Service with Voice Mail:

$3.95 for lines 1 and 2, $5.50 for lines 3 & 4
Teen Service gives you a second phone number that rings differently on your home phone so you can always tell when the call is for your teen. Teen Service with Voice Mail forwards the secondary number to a voice mailbox with announcements and messages separate from any mailboxes that may exist on your primary line.

Remote Notification: $1.00

This option notifies you if you receive a message by calling a different phone number (like a cell phone) to let you know.

Call Reminder: $.50

Call Reminder allows you to record a message, up to three (3) minutes in length, to be delivered within the next thirty (30) days. The message can be delivered to your own mailbox, to any telephone or cellular number, or to telephone numbers on a Group Distribution List.

Broadcast Messaging: $2.00

Using Broadcast Messaging, a customer can send a message to all Voice Mail users within a predefined group. Each group is assigned a unique broadcast mailbox number at the time it is set up. The sender logs on to the broadcast mailbox for a desired group, and only the users in this customer group will receive the message.

Announcement Only Service: $10.00

Announcement Only Service provides a dedicated telephone number and associated announcement. The Announcement Only mailbox answers incoming calls with a user programmable message. This service does not receive and save callers' messages. Disconnection will occur immediately upon completion of message delivery.

Additional business Voice Mail services are available. Please call for information.