Caller ID/Call Waiting

Caller ID Name & Number

The number of the calling party is displayed when the telephone rings on a specially equipped telephone or accessory display.

Caller ID # Blocking

Your telephone number and directory name can be blocked when you place a call so that parties using Caller ID service and equipment will not be able to view this information. Instead, the receiving party's display will read, "Private." There are two options available, and Per Call Blocking is the standard option on your line unless you specifically request Per Line Blocking:

Caller ID Per Call Blocking

Your number and name are not blocked unless you activate the blocking code (*67) before placing a call. The blocking action remains active for that call only. You can use Per Call Blocking as often as you wish.

Call Waiting

Eliminates missed calls by alerting you to additional incoming calls during existing conversation.

How to use Call Waiting and Cancel Call Waiting

You can put first party on hold by momentarily pressing the hook-switch or flash key to speak to second caller, and return to first call in the same manner. ITC includes Cancel Call Waiting for no extra charge to enhance the utility of Call Waiting. Once activated (simply dial *70 before placing a call), Call Waiting is canceled during that specific call so that you will not be disturbed. People calling your busy line will hear a busy signal. To activate Cancel Call Waiting during a call, you will need our 3-Way Calling feature.