Web Hosting

We offer web hosting starting at $12.95/month.  If you have an existing web site, or are in the process of creating a web site and need web hosting, please give us a call for details!

Registering your domain

There are two alternatives for hosting a web page. You can use the free Web space included with your account, or you can register a domain name and have it hosted on a secure Web server. If you choose to register your own domain name, ITC charges a hosting fee of $12.95/month.

Free Web space

The free option allows you to use the complimentary Web space that is included with your Internet account.

  • Cost: No charge--included with Internet account                         

  • Storage space: 20MB                                  

  • Web address: http://web.itctel.com/username


Hosted Domain

The hosted domain option involves two steps:

  1. Registering a domain name with a domain registrar.
  2. Hosting that domain & web contents on a Web server.


  • Annual cost to a registrar for domain registration ($9 - $35 per year) Sampling of registrars: http://networksolutions.com (approx. $35/year) http://directnic.com (approx. $15/year) http://godaddy.com (approx. $11/year)
  • Monthly cost to host the domain on an ITC Web server, domain name servers, and mail servers (includes e-mail accounts associated with the domain): $12.95/month.

Storage space: 500MB                                  

Web address: www.yourregistereddomain.com (or .net, .org, or whatever is appropriate for the type of web site)                                   

If you plan to have ITC host your Web site and/or e-mail domain, you will need to modify your registrar's default name server, or host addresses, so that the Domain Name System will be able to find your domain. Here is the correct information for ITC's name servers:                                  

  • Primary Host: ns1.itctel.com                              
  • Secondary Host: ns2.itctel.com

Uploading your FREE Web page

It's easy to upload to your free ITC personal web space. Here are the details (you can practice if you're building your own):

  • Site to upload to:  web.itctel.com   (an FTP program will insert the "FTP" information, e.g. "ftp://web.itctel.com")
  • Enter your username and password, and the upload will be automatically directed to the folder for that username.
  • The URL (in other words, the Web site address) is: http://web.itctel.com/username
  • There is a 20MB (Megabyte) quota on our free Web space. 

Uploading to your commercial Web space

  • Site to upload to: yourdomain.com  (just upload to the address of the registered domain)
  • An FTP program will insert the "FTP" information, e.g. "ftp://yourdomain.com/net/org."
  • Enter your username & password, and the upload will be automatically directed to the folder for that username.
  • An FTP program is an essential tool for the management of Web sites. These programs present an "Explorer window" view of the files and folders on your local computer (left-hand side) and of those on the remote server, and offer a simplified means of transferring or updating files and for troubleshooting. Here are some excellent, no-charge programs:
    • FileZilla: (FileZilla is also an "open source" program, with no agenda to sell you an upgrade to a more functional program.)

Using My Personal Web Space

As an ITC Internet customer, you receive 20 MB of free web space for you to store your personal web page, photographs, or other files. The instructions below cover a wide variety of situations.

  • The URL for your page is:  http://web.itctel.com/yourusername
  • The location, or host, to upload to is:  ftp://web.itctel.com
  • The user name is the same as your Internet user name (everything before the @itctel.com in your e-mail address)
  • The password is the same as your Internet login and email password