Managed Wi-Fi

ITC’s Managed Wi-Fi solution is designed to take the worry out of maintaining your wireless network.

Benefits of ITC’s Managed Wi-Fi Service:

  • Improved user experience. 
  • Automatic firmware upgrades (if configured).
  • Seamless hand off capabilities between access points.
  • Real-time statistics track performance, number of clients, traffic and current usage.
  • Track and control access of specific users and guests connected to your network.
  • Prioritize users by applying different bandwidth rates (download/upload).
  • Limit bandwidth usage per user or access point.
  • Limit duration of use per user or access point.
  • Remote access to Wi-Fi network controller through any device using a web browser. 
  • Access point coverage map for visual representation of your wireless network.
  • ITC technicians will conduct an initial site survey to discover usage and coverage requirements.
  • Remote technical support and troubleshooting with ITC included.

Monthly Service Pricing:
1-3 Access Points - $8.95/month
4-9 Access Points - $12.95/month
10+ Access Points - $16.95/month

Optional Service:
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) $2.00/mo. This optional service along with the Unifi Security Gateway will allow a DPI section to be available in the web portal. This feature will give detail on websites visited on the wireless network.

Equipment: Wireless access points and equipment are additional and available for lease or purchase.

Contact the Business Services Department at 1-877-200-0309 for additional information.