Hosted Voice


ITC Hosted Voice will manage all your business’s voice services. This new service will replace your traditional phone system.  ITC Hosted Voice is feature rich and includes many popular features such as; voice mail, voice mail to email, caller ID, call forwarding, basic auto attendant, and more.


Low Startup Costs: ITC Hosted Voice is managed via the cloud through our secure local data network with no costly hardware to purchase, thus eliminating the burden of making large up-front investments. \

Flexible and Scalable: ITC Hosted Voice can be expanded as you grow your business, by any number of users, or any number of locations. Mobile Connectivity : ITC Hosted Voice allows you access to a whole suite of features including Auto Attendant, Voicemail to E-Mail, Find Me - Follow Me.

No Phones to Buy: The leased phones will be managed by ITC.

Reliable and Secure: ITC Hosted Voice is fully redundant and secure in our Central Office facility that is monitored 24/7.

Remote Support: ITC Hosted Voice is remotely supported. Your business will save money by eliminating service calls.

Contact ITC today for a comparison to find out if ITC Hosted Voice is the right option for your business.