This new fiber-optic connection will offer residents and businesses a reliable, unlimited, Fiber-Fast Internet connection and local phone service.

Q: Before I commit, I’d like to know the monthly cost for services.
You can see our current pricing on our website, or see the list of current pricing on this brochure.

Q: We don’t use our place at the lake year-round, is there a seasonal option?
Yes. You can put your services on vacation for up to six months. There’s a $35 fee for phone and a $35 fee for Internet to vacation the services but no monthly charges while on vacation and no charge to turn the services back on.

Q: If I decline to sign the permission form at this time and later want the FTTH line installed, what will the cost be to me?
After the construction phase, it will not be free. The actual costs will depend on your location.

Q: Do I have to take more than one service?
You can subscribe to just phone, or just Internet, or both.

Q: I have another building on my property and would like services brought to that structure as well as my main home, can I do that?
Additional structures at the same physical address can have service brought to them. An ITC technician will review the options to extend service during the pre-fiber site visit.

The expansion includes only the areas highlighted in yellow on the map below.

Lake Expansion Map-highlighted.jpg

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