Wi-Fi Vocabulary Words

Sometimes understanding wireless technology can be confusing. There are so many terms and definitions to learn and know that it can be challenging to keep up. This is especially true when it comes to getting coverage everywhere in the house. Since school is getting out in May, now might be the time to make sure you have the bandwidth you will need for all those online games and streaming movies. In that spirit, let’s study some vocabulary words.

Wi-Fi Booster:

This is one of those generic marketing terms that add to the confusion. It can mean Wi-Fi repeaters, Wi-Fi extenders, and Mesh Wi-Fi solutions. Basically, they help us get rid of Wi-Fi dead zones.

Dead Zone:

These are areas where it is difficult to connect to Wi-Fi. They are caused by the size of the house and the location of the router. Building materials, such as metal and concrete, are also a factor. Imagine that you are in the basement of the house and want to talk to somebody on the second floor. No matter how much you yell, they probably won’t hear you clearly.

Wi-Fi Repeater:

If somebody were on the first floor of the house and could hear both of you, they could repeat your messages to each other. It works, but you must take turns talking to each other, and the person in the middle can’t relay messages at the same time. This is what a Wi-Fi repeater does, only with wireless signals.

Wi-Fi Extender:

To help you out, you could ask a second person on the first floor of the house to help relay your conversation. The silly part happens when the person on the second floor comes to the basement. Both of you will still have the people on the first floor relay your messages to each other, even though you are standing next to each other. The Wi-Fi extender does this. It operates on two different radio bands, but when you move closer to the router, it still insists on doing the talking, even though it would be better to talk directly to the router.

Mesh Wi-Fi:

There is now a better way to communicate. Instead of getting somebody on the first floor to relay your conversation with the person on the second floor of your house, both of you could use a small electronic device to talk directly to each other. This is what Mesh Wi-Fi does. Instead of getting people to stand around yelling messages to each other like repeaters and extenders do, the Mesh Wi-Fi creates a seamless wireless network throughout the home. They don’t have the silly limitation of the extender, and they don’t lose bandwidth like the booster does.

If you are interested in learning more, please give us a call to discuss our Blast Wi-Fi options and how they can help you eliminate dead zones. The good news is, there won’t be a test.

-Michael Martinell, The Broadband Guy