Streaming Video

Streaming video is becoming more popular as more streaming services appear with more options to watch.

What is streaming?

Streaming is a term used to describe video being delivered over the Internet in real-time. You don’t have to wait to download it, you just hit play, and it starts.

When streaming, the first thing to ask yourself is, “Do I have enough Internet speed?”  To have a good experience and no buffering, you will need to subscribe to a speed right for your household. Depending on how many devices are connected and what type of programming you are streaming (SD, HD, or 4K), determines how much speed you will need. ITC is here to find the perfect speed for you.

Next, you will need a streaming device. Most TV these days are being loaded with apps to help you stream video. If you don’t have one of these TVs, you can also purchase a Roku box or stick, a Fire Stick, or use a gaming council.

Common Streaming Services

Netflix is probably one of the most well-known streaming services. They have TV shows, lots of movies, documentaries, and even their own original content. They have three different plans to meet your needs depending on how many devices will be streaming at one time, and if you want to watch the content in standard definition, high definition, or 4K. You can subscribe for 30 days free of charge. Go to

Hulu is another popular service. Hulu also offers TV shows, movies, and original content as well. One big difference is that current TV show episodes are usually available on Hulu within 24 hours of them airing on TV. With reasonable prices and different content available than Netflix, a lot of people end up subscribed to both Netflix and Hulu. Start your free trial at

YouTube TV is a little different than the previous two options. YouTube TV offers live TV from over 70 channels, including your local news. It also has on-demand content for recently broadcast shows and movies. Obviously, this service is at a higher price than the rest. You can also record programs with unlimited storage. Try it today at

Locast is a newer streaming service that is only available in certain areas. With Locast, you can watch your local broadcast channels for free.  That’s right, for free!  They are a not-for-profit service but do accept donations to help bring Locast to other towns. Begin watching for free at

These are just a few of the streaming services out there. Check them out and see which one best fits your viewing style. Most of them do have a free period where you can cancel before being charged, so be sure to try them out.

Happy streaming!

-Holly Stormo, The Marketeer