The New Normal

2020 has definitely been a unique year. Like many other businesses, ITC has had to adapt and develop new procedures to keep employees and customers safe.

Even though the ITC offices are still closed to walk-in traffic, we are always here to provide our customers with the utmost service. Feel free to call us at 1.800.417.8667 during normal business hours or call our help desk after hours for assistance. (Internet Help Desk 1.888.217.5718 – TV Help Desk 1.800.455.5958)

When calling ITC, we will do whatever we can over the phone for all our services. We will help you troubleshoot and look over everything from our end. Most of the time, a trouble can be resolved over the phone. Per our protocol, essential services, like phone and Internet, will be our top priority. TV, on the other hand, will be handled case by case. It will be up to the tech to decide which houses are already wired so the install can be done quickly or if they even feel comfortable installing or troubleshooting in your home. 

The Questions

When calling in a trouble or adding a new service that requires an installer/repair technician to visit your home, the customer service representatives will ask you a series of questions. These questions will include if your household has been sick (especially fever or shortness of breath) or traveled out of the area. They will then send your answers to the technician. If either question results in a yes, it is up to the technician to decide if he feels comfortable with the high-risk visit.

Most technicians will call you when they are on their way and ask the same questions as the customer service rep. It might have been a couple of days since the initial call, so the technician wants to make sure the answers haven't changed.  

The Visit

All of our technicians have masks and gloves available for them to wear. The technician and the customer's comfort level will determine if the technician will be wearing them. Also, ITC technicians are limiting what tools are brought into a residence and then sanitizing them afterward.

ITC is doing its very best to give customers the service they deserve while keeping everyone healthy. These are unprecedented times that require everyone to be flexible and adapt. With school just around the corner, please reach out to ITC if you have any Internet questions. ITC wants to keep you connected!

- Holly Stormo, The Marketeer