Managed Wi-Fi App

Are you curious about what devices are connected to your network and how much bandwidth they are using? Have you ever wanted to limit when your kids are using the Internet, or make sure they aren’t getting online at times you deem inappropriate? Do you want to give your guests a separate Internet connection? You can do all of that with the new ITC application, or “app” for short. It is part of our new Managed Wi-Fi service and works on our newest leased equipment.

Subscribers to our new service can use the app to manage their Internet connection. With the app, you can view your entire home network. This means you can see the number of connected devices, the latest speed test results, see important notifications and ultimately control your home network.

Bandwidth Test

When I was trying out the app, I noticed that my Internet speed wasn’t as fast as I expected. We were trying to watch a movie on Netflix, but we were having buffering issues. That is the annoying issue where the Internet seems to stop and start. I decided to do a speed test through the app. All I had to do was grab my phone, select bandwidth test from the menu in the app, and touch begin bandwidth test. The results showed that I didn’t have much bandwidth left.

Speed tests can be kind of confusing at times, so I want to clarify that a speed test shows your available bandwidth, not your complete bandwidth package. This is true no matter where you do the speed test, either a website like or in the app.

Device Check

Since I’m on fiber and the Internet was working, I knew my connection was good. Fiber is kind of like a light switch; it is either on or off. Glass doesn’t corrode, so there aren’t slowdowns like on copper either. I suspected the issue was something in my house. In the past, I could have checked every device and turned them off one by one to figure out where the bandwidth hog was.

Instead, I checked through each of the devices on my network using the app. I went to the device list and tapped on each of the categories. Then I tapped on each of the devices under the categories. Each device has a little graph that shows the amount of bandwidth it is using. I noticed that the graph shows different measurements, depending upon how much bandwidth the device is using. Instead of bits (used to measure speed), it does show the results in bytes (used to measure file sizes). In the display, bytes are the smallest unit of measure shown. While a kilobyte (kbytes) is one thousand bytes, a megabyte (mbytes) is one million bytes. I focused on the devices that were measured in megabytes. I discovered that one of my kids was using up my Internet connection by downloading some game updates. In our case, I had him wait to do his download until later when everybody else was done watching the movie.

If you are interested in Managed Wi-Fi and giving the new ITC app a try, please give us a call to discuss the options we have available.

-Michael Martinell, The Broadband Guy