ITC WebMail Address Book

One question we sometimes get about our webmail is how to use the address book to send email to a larger number of recipients. The address book in webmail allows you to create new contacts, browse contacts, and even search for specific contacts. Did you know that it can also be used to create special groups called a mailing list, such as “Friends,” “Coworkers,” and “Family?”

Mailing lists are a great way to group a bunch of addresses into lists. Say, for example, you often email a group of relatives or friends. Instead of manually looking them up in the address book, you can enter the group name in the “To:” field and hit send. The software will gather all of the addresses you have in the group and send the message to everyone in the group. That way, you don’t have to repetitively select names from your address book.

Add a Contact

To create a contact list, you must first enter the individual addresses into the webmail contact list. Creating a list can be done a few different ways, but probably the most common is to click “Address Book” and then click “New Contact.” The only required information is the last name for your contact and their actual email address. Feel free to fill in as much of the other information as you want. The name can technically be anything; however, using the person’s real name or nickname would probably be the most useful when you try to figure out who they are later.

Create a Contact List

Once you have all the emails you want to be created as contacts, you are ready to create a contact list. To create it, click “Address Book” and then click the Search button. Next, a basic search box will open. Search for the person’s name. Once you find them, you are ready to add them to a contact list. Take a look at the button bar right above the displayed contact. There, you can find a delete button, an edit button, an export button, an add button, and a drop-down button that defaults to your address book.

Once you have found one of the people that you are searching for, click the little box by their name to put a checkmark into it. On the button bar, click the drop-down button that says address book. The program will then prompt for the name of the list you want to create. Enter a name that makes sense and is easy to type and remember. This name is for you to easily recognize and use for the contact list. After you have done this, click OK. Once you created an address book for the first time, it will appear in the list, and you can select it instead of your address book.

Use a Contact List

To use a newly created contact list, you need to select it from your address book like you usually choose an individual email. If you aren’t sure about the name you used or don’t want to type it, click the word “To:” in a new message and select the list from the address book. After you click the send button, the webmail software will send a copy of the email to everybody in that contact list.

Go ahead and give it a try. Using a contact list for people that you email often can save some time and make sure nobody gets missed!

- Michael Martinell, The Broadband Guy