Finding the Perfect Job

The old saying, “Choose the job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” is true. Unfortunately for many of us, whether it be a youngster just getting their feet wet in the real world or a retiree looking to fill time, sometimes you need help finding the perfect job.

I think most adults taking a stroll down memory lane can recall that one job we hated; we swore we would never go back there. Perhaps some of you are stuck in that same job today. Luckily, we have help! Given the
emergence of online job search sites, we have many options for you to find the job you’ve always wanted.

This is a site for both job seekers and employees. You can search for jobs by member companies or by state. The website also asks you about your areas of interest. You will most likely want to create an account and login to get the best results.

Indeed is one of the most popular choices. This website offers a service that aggregates listings from literally thousands of sources. These listings sometimes include other competitive job boards. It asks you what type of job and where you want to work. You can upload your resume. There is also a place on this site where employers can post jobs.

Career Builder allows you to search for jobs by industry, location, or company. You don’t even need a CareerBuilder account to use the app and search for positions. There is a “Quick Links” section for resumes, cover letters, saved and applied-for jobs, saved searches, and to create a profile.

Monster is one of the original members of this category. You can search for millions of jobs, so you have options. They will send you an alert when a good fit for you is posted. If you create an account and upload
your resume, you can be discovered by recruiters who search Monster’s databases every day. Monster also helps you become a better job candidate. They offer career advice, resume services, and education partners to make your job hunt more successful.

This is another aggregation tool that scrapes job listings from a variety of sources, which include company websites. They tailor the job search for you. One thing that is different on this site is the salary estimator. It’s a way to know what salary your educations and skills could command and compare it to national averages.

LinkedIn is probably the most popular social networking service for job searches. For the job seeker, it offers an enhanced way to flatter themselves by highlighting their specialties. The service also recommends jobs to its users based on their profile and search criteria. The key to this site is to keep your profile updated.

Facebook Jobs

Yes, Facebook seems to do everything. This option does not “just” include a social environment where you can be updated on your friend’s puppy’s next move; it is also a great place where employers can post legitimate jobs.

Craigslist also offers a “jobs” category for you to search. It is a little more general and is not as search-friendly as some of the other sites. However, many job seekers have found this website to be quite beneficial.

And don't forget to check out the Careers tab in the About section of this website!

If you are stuck in a rut, any one of these sites just might open the door to the perfect job!