Broadband Only

What is it?

Broadband Only packages (BBO) are a newer service offering for ITC. This service allows you to subscribe to ITC’s Internet services without having to subscribe to phone service. BBO is great news for those who no longer want a landline.  We have three levels of Internet speed that we offer in Broadband Only.

What speed do I need?

The questions should be what do you do with your Internet? If you just use it for email, social media, and some streaming, you probably are ok with the 30 M plan. This plan is great for around 4-8 devices in the household.

If you have multiple devices streaming video and maybe there is a gamer that lives in the house, you might want to consider the 50 M plan. This plan is for nine and over devices in the household.

We also have a 100 M plan for those who have a lot of devices connected or would like to work from home. We have a plan for everyone!

Make sure to count your devices before calling for service. You might be surprised how many devices you have once you have counted your smart phones, smart TV, streaming boxes, gaming devices, smart home products, and your tablets and computers. It adds up quickly. By the year 2021, the average number of devices in every home will be 12.9!

How do I get signed up?

Check out the “Find Services In Your Area” tab at the top of our website. You can select your area and then check out pricing and plan details for Broadband Only Internet. Or give us a call at 1.800.417.8667. Life Runs Better on ITC!

-Holly Stormo, The Marketeer