Backing-Up Your Data

Backing up your computer files and photos is an essential practice. Why worry about it? Even if you buy a computer with the biggest drive and plenty of space, it will fill up sooner than you think. With cameras taking better pictures to get that sharpness, color, and resolution everyone desires, the file size has inevitably increased, which means your hard drive will fill up more quickly. Also, what if your computer has a malfunction, and everything on it is lost? This is another great reason to back up your files.  

To figure out what type of back-up is right for you, ask yourself a few questions. How big are the files? Do you want on-site or off-site back-ups? It is best practice to use two types of back-ups, such as an external drive and cloud-based. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing any of your files or photos. 

USB Drives 

USB or Flash Drives are easy to use, convenient, and don’t take extra power. To use, plug them into your computer in any of the USB ports. Then use your File Explorer to add files or pics to your USB drive.

USB drives come in various sizes, from 64MB up to 1TB. Check out the size of the files you are adding before purchasing to make sure everything will fit. USB drives are small in size, so make sure you keep them somewhere safe. 

Portable External Hard Drives 

Portable External Hard Drives are great if you want to back-up all the files from your computer or have many photos/videos to back-up. These come in all sizes as well—the size ranges from 1TB up to 14TB. External hard drives are a little more expensive than USB drives but are worth the money if you have large files. 

Cloud Back-ups

Cloud back-up refers to the backing up of data on a remote cloud-based server, not on your premise. You would set up an account with a Cloud-based storage company, like Dropbox or Google Drive, and upload your files. Cloud storage also allows you to easily share large files or photos with others over the Internet.  

What back-up method is right for you? Again, it all depends on those previous questions, how much data, how big the files are, and whether you want to quickly share files with others. 

Finding a back-up solution might take some time and money, but the nice part is that you are taking a step forward and trying to keep this from becoming a big problem later!

-Holly Stormo, The Marketeer