Back 2 School!

It is that time of year again; time to get out the backpacks, crayons, and laptops! School has started for many kids in our area. It is time to make sure your home is up-to-speed.

Internet access at home.

Having your home connected is especially crucial for the students who receive laptops or tablets from the school. Most homework in those cases is through a cloud-based platform requiring the student to login from anywhere. Even in schools where a laptop isn’t provided, many teachers give homework that requires Internet access at home. Furthermore, most schools require parents to login to pay for lunch or tuition and review grades. With the future going more and more digital, the need for proper Internet speed becomes a topic for discussion.

What speed do I need?

First, count the devices used in the house. You might be surprised how many devices you have once you have counted your smartphones, smart TV, streaming boxes, gaming devices, smart home products and your tablets and computers. With students getting laptops from the school, you might have a couple more than you thought. It adds up quickly. By the year 2021, the average number of devices in most homes will be 12.9!

Then figure out what your family does with your Internet? If someone is surfing, while someone else is doing homework online or streaming Netflix, you should be OK with the 30 M plan. This plan is great for around 4-8 devices in the household.

If you have multiple devices streaming video or maybe there is a gamer that lives in the house, you might want to consider the 50 M plan. This would be a good plan to be sure the person doing homework isn’t affected by the other’s Internet use. This plan is for nine or more devices in the household.

We also have a 100 M plan for those who have numerous devices connected and have so much usage happening at the same time. We have a plan for everyone!

Call us!

Once school is in full swing, and you find that you don’t have enough speed to meet your family’s needs, give us a call. We can get you upgraded right away!

-Holly Stormo, The Marketeer